Dual Color Channel Bowls

Set the table for 4th of July

Set the table for 4th of July

4th of July Table Setting the Channel Bowl

Something spicy, saucy, savory or sweet? Let's celebrate all the diverse flavors that bring us together. Whether you're cooking up skewers, layering some bean dip, or fixing up a potato salad we all bring a little something different to the table. So we set the table with a soft red white and blue theme to welcome all the dishes that will fill them this fourth. Channel Bowls are crafted for scooping every last yummy bite.


The Solid Light Rose Channel Bowl is a lovely color for any table setting, especially a summertime gathering. Fill it with a bright Grapefruit salad and wow guests with lovely pink hues. Or go with the complimentary greens in a fresh dill and pea potato salad which is always a big win on the 4th of July.

Luke & Lucy's Dual Color Sky Grey and Dual Color Light Rose bowls have a glossy white center channel, perfect for scooping every last yummy bite. These bowls are a great canvas for any dips or colorful pasta salads...or dessert, of course.


The Sky Grey Channel Bowl is soft and neutral, yet calm and cool with wonderful blue tones. It's a lovely choice for a sunny corn salad or bright red chili. 

The 4th of July is such a fun time to gather around the BBQ, share good times and good fun. 

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