The Story Behind the Channel Bowl's Thoughtful Design

Evolving the Household Bowl Began at Our Kitchen Table

David Collins, an industrial designer and the founder of Luke & Lucy, began to question the household bowl when his father struggled to scoop after a stroke. He set out to evolve the everyday bowl for better scooping, sipping, and grip.

It was important to balance function and design, creating something both beneficial and beautiful.

The First Bowl

Crafted in Ceramic

The original Channel Bowl was crafted out of hand-pressed ceramic in a local studio in Portland, Oregon. Made with love, each bowl is finished by hand and glazed with a beautiful satin finish.

Ceramic Channel Bowl

The Second Bowl

Kiddo Friendly Fun

The Channel Bowl Mini was created as a durable, eco-friendly solution for families or people with limited mobility. The Mini is made out of an upcycled bamboo material that is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Channel Bowl Mini

A Bowl for Every Household

Each Channel Bowl is made with love and designed to enhance scooping, sipping, and grip during mealtime for any user.

The ceramic Channel Bowl and Channel Bowl Mini are designed in Portland, Oregon. Every bowl is personally inspected and sent with care from our family to yours.

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