Channel Bowl Mini

Scoop it. Sip it. Grip it.

Meet the world's first kids bowl with a center channel!

Hello Channel Bowl Mini. Goodbye Chasing Cereal and Pesky Bowl-Tilting.

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Less Mess. More Fun!

Meals Gather for Easy Scooping & Sipping!

The Channel Bowl Mini allows meals to flow into the unique center channel, empowering kids to effortlessly scoop or sip every last delicious drop.

Scoop Yours Up

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe

Planet Friendly

Designed in Portland, Oregon

Awarded for Design Excellence

Encouraging Independence

Nurturing self-sufficiency is essential for children's growth. The Channel Bowl Mini's center channel provides a visual aid for those mastering the art of scooping.

Every spoonful comes with a boost of confidence!

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Full Tummies. Fun Mealtimes.

Go ahead, sip that soup! The Channel Bowl Mini's exterior dimples are perfectly sized for secure grip when lifting and sipping from the channel.

The ideal bowl for effortlessly savoring every last drop.

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Elegance, Ease, and Efficiency.

The Channel Bowl Mini stands out for its unique form and function with its patented, award-winning design.

The perfect blend of functionality and beautiful design.

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Eco-Innovation at Its Finest

The Channel Bowl Mini champions eco-friendliness with upcycled bamboo. Upcycling bamboo uses plant waste that would otherwise be burned or sent to landfills. Bamboo is fast-growing and curbs deforestation and waste!

The Channel Bowl Mini is lightweight, durable, and minimizes plastic. Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe, adding convenience to sustainability.

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