Original Channel Bowl + Pairing Spoon | Ceramic

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Color: Light Rose
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Customer Reviews

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Matthew Sullivan
Beautiful Well Crafted Bowls

These are such handsome bowls! The light gray and rose colors look fantastic standalone or paired. Functionally, the channel is a game changer enhancing ease of use, and the bowl is easy to grip and just feels great in your hand. This is definitely a well crafted product!

Lorraine V S.
I love my channel bowl :)

I love my channel bowl. I have shoulder and wrist pain, but the bowl makes it easy to scoop and I don’t have to pick it up or angle it to finish my meal. Plus it is so pretty!

Joe T.
Perfect Breakfast Bowl

Every morning I eat my breakfast yogurt and granola out of my Channel Bowl. It's my go to bowl for soup as well. When we have guests over, we love to grab our channel bowls as they are fun to chat about because they are unique and useful.