Cool Sweet Pea & Hot Pepper Soup

Cool Sweet Pea & Hot Pepper Soup

Spicy Sweet Pea Soup

The garden is booming with color and so is the soup bowl. :) If you have an excess of peas in the garden, shell 'em, wash 'em, blanch 'em, freeze 'em, then soup 'em. 

Weather in Portland is a bit unpredictable at the minute . . . hot then cold, rainy & sunny. We're celebrating these mixed seasonal signals with a super simple Cool Sweet Pea & Hot Pepper Soup. Delicious served warm or slightly chill on a hot summer's day.

Served in a Solid Grey Channel Bowl with a buttered poppy seed pumpkin sesame bun. ❤︎ 

Cool Sweet pea & Hot Pepper Soup

  • In a medium pan: Oil (I used Safflower), 1 leek, 2 garlic cloves and 1 small jalapeno pepper (seeded and chopped). Salt and pepper. Heat for a few minutes. (You can add a peeled carrot, but I would leave it out if you want a bright green soup.)

  • Simmer for 10 minutes: 4 cups of veggie stock, a small peeled potato. 1 cup of frozen peas, 1 small handful of cilantro and 1 big handful of spinach.

  • Blend for a smooth soup. And serve with fresh cilantro and thinly sliced jalapeno if you want an extra kick. 


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