Beautifully Designed for Dignity and Independence

Limited Mobility Should Not Limit a Good Meal

  • Meals gather in the center channel for easy scooping and sipping.
  • No need to lift and tilt the bowl.
  • Finish breakfast without chasing the last spoonfuls of cereal.
  • Enhanced scooping, sipping, and gripping.
  • Promotes independent eating.
  • Eco-friendly material.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave-Safe.
  • Very durable that withstands being dropped and thrown.

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Enhance Mealtimes and the Table Setting.

When designing the Channel Bowl Mini it was important to balance beneficial features and pleasing aesthetics.

So you can bring functionality and artful design to the table.

Scoop Yours Up

Why Create a Bowl for Scooping, Sipping, and Gripping?

The Channel Bowl was created when the founder and industrial designer, David Collins, witnessed his father struggle to scoop one-handed after a stroke.

His father, a strong man and ex-military boxer, inspired the creation of a bowl that is both functional and dignified.

The design of the Channel Bowl has been awarded for "Design Excellence," as it brings utility and beauty to the table.


Joe T.

I use it every morning for breakfast.

I've tried a lifetime of bowls. love the ChannelBowl, I use it every morning for breakfast. The channel makes it so easy to get every last bite of my granola, yogurt, and fruit!

Aryan A.

I really love these bowls!

I really love these bowls. Why? First off, they're so pretty that I find myself stacking them outside of the cupboard so I can stare at them. But they're also super functional and make scooping up that last bit of soup or oatmeal so much easier. Thank you, channel bowl, for being the perfect mix of style and substance.

Leah B.

Never knew how convenient a bowl could be!

The Channel Bowl has become our family’s favorite way to eat most foods. Not only are the bowls beautiful and perfect for parties, they always become a talking point, they also make mealtime simpler. I never knew how convenient a bowl could be. No more bottom-of-the-bowl leftovers. Also, the bowl’s aesthetic and functionality go hand-in-hand.

Randall M.

Smart art

Functional art that's just plain smart!

Kat M.

Would make a great gift!

My channel bowls are not only beautiful in design, they are functional and durable. They're so nice to eat soups and cereal out of, the little channel lets you get every drop. Would make a great gift for the foodie or design-obsessed person in your life.

Joel P.

Perfect 10s in both practicality/function AND aesthetic beauty.

I love food. My kitchen is my temple. But there are very few things in it that are perfect 10s in both practicality/function AND aesthetic beauty. The Channel Bowl is one. I wish Luke andLucy would redesign ALL my wares and trinkets!

Iniray L.

A work of art.

My husband loves it because the channel catches all the good stuff from soups to cereal.  I love it because it makes eating easier for myself, my child and the bowl itself is a work of art.  We can’t wait to see what comes next. 

James C.

Love the practical use!

I originally bought the bowl because of the cool design but since using it, I have enjoyed the practical use of the channel. It's great to separate flavors, separate textures and makes the last few scoops fun and easy.

Molly P

Great for my scratch-made soups

As a person who values aesthetic & function, I have been fortunate to find a bowl that not only looks good but creates ease to the very last bite. The experience of sharing my scratch-made soups with friends has been heightened by the Channel Bowl and I recommend it to anyone who wants to enhance their dining experience!

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