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Can children use the Channel Bowl?

Yep! Lots of parents tell us that their kids love the channel bowl because kiddos do not have to tilt the bowl to scoop.
Their meal falls into the center channel for scooping. The bowl is ceramic, so like any ceramic bowl, there is the chance of breakage. That said we wouldn't advise it for very young children. Good news, we are currently working on a durable, smaller, bamboo bowl for children! Be sure to subscribe so you know
when it’s launched!

How is the Channel Bowl better for scooping, sipping and grip?

Is the Channel Bowl locally made?

Is the Channel Bowl dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yep and yep! The bowls are safe to go in the dishwasher and microwave. But for longer-lasting gentle ceramic care, we recommend the top rack or hand wash. Find full care directions here.

Can I return the Channel Bowl?

Of course. We want you to be happy with your bowl. Every bowl may have some imperfections as each bowl is individually made. If your bowl is defective or broken you can find our return policy here.